Ageing Process

Our collection of Cognacs slowly matures in House 1719’s cellars under the careful supervision of the Cellar Master.

In order to become Cognac, the eau-de-vie must rest and age in oak casks, which are going to give it its final colour and bouquet. The selection of the wood is essential. The casks are made of oak wood from the Tronçais or the Limousin forests, chosen for their hardness and their low porosity.
Barrels are made using a very specific ancestral technique which allows the oak wood to transfer its natural characteristics to the 1719 Cognacs.

The maturation of the 1719 Cognacs in oak casks can last several decades. During this process, the level of alcohol content decreases and our Cognacs absorb some of the wood components which bring out the finest flavours. In constant contact with air, our Cognacs progressively loose part of their volume through natural evaporation, this part is called the Angels’ Share.



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