La Maison 1719

The legend began in 1719…
At the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment, the first stones of La Maison 1719 were laid at the heart of the Cognac vineyards.

Surrounded by vines from which are produced world-famous eaux-de-vie, renowned for their delicacy and their refinement, La Maison 1719 is a place of creation where the Cellar Master performs his art and produces exceptional Cognacs with unique aromas. La Maison 1719, which became the head office of the brand, inspires all our creations and shows our commitment to producing exclusively prestige Cognacs respectful of traditions.

Pierre-Philippe Joubert, founder of La Maison 1719
The year ‘1719’ is engraved on the facade of the family house
Marie Boulay, our Cellar Master’s ancestor